Aztec Social Organisation

Huey Tlatoani (The Emperor in Tenochtitlan)
The Emperor was a member of the ruling class and was mainly concerned with religious ceremonial activities.
Tecuhtli (Lords) and Pilli (Nobles)
Aztec society, both religious and civil, was run by the Nobles. One member was The Snake Woman (actually a man) who ran the city. The priests and military leaders were members of this group.
Pochteca (Traders)
The Pochteca were people who traded with other cities. They also acted as spies for the City.
Calpulli (Councils of Merchants)
The Calpulli operated like local councils and represented groups of merchants of similar occupations.
Macehualli (Commoners and Peasants)
The largest proportion of Aztec society were the farmers and labourers.
Mayeque (Slaves)
Slaves in Aztec society had legal rights and could sell themselves into, and buy themselves out of, slavery.